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MYMED pharma

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MYMED pharma

Supplying over 2000 NHS Contractors and Trusts in the UK

MYMED pharma

100,000 + items shipped monthly

About MYMED Pharma

MYMED is a specialty pharmaceutical business incorporated in 2005 and located in the United Kingdom.
The UK headquarters is based at a state of the art facility in Birmingham’s prestigious Science Park.
Warehousing, distribution and pharmacy operations are handled at MYMED House in Blackburn, Lancashire.
Both facilities are MHRA approved.

The company has four main business units with specialised sourcing and supply functions.

Specials Products

Sourcing and supply of unlicensed & licensed medicines to global markets, strictly within GDP and GMP guidelines.
Supplied to: wholesalers, community pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing practices

International Sourcing

Importing & Exporting EEA & Non-EU medicines globally capitalising on MYMED’s extensive supplier network.
Supplied to wholesalers, healthcare systems, governments and international agencies

Critical Product Supply

Sourcing and supplying medicines which for whatever reason have restricted access. This may be due to drug shortages, manufacturing issues, stock inventory or licence cancellations.
Supplied to:  wholesalers, healthcare systems, hospitals, pharmacies

MYMED Direct

An online pharmacy fulfilling online prescriptions for specialist products and delivered directly to the patient.

Regulatory Accreditation
MYMED and its trusted local and global suppliers fully comply with all relevant cGMP and cGDP quality control standards.  See here

The company is managed my Mr Jed Ali and Mr Tabassam Zabier who are founding directors and shareholders  See here

MYMED is registered in England and Wales with company number 05504955 and its registered office is situated at Ashted Lock 2, Holt Court, Ground Floor Unit 5, Birmingham Science Park Aston, Birmingham B7 4AZ

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