Cost Saving Partnership with Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority.

MYMED launched a first in industry initiative by implementing a cost saving model for special products in partnership with  Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority. Under this initiative, MYMED, supplied special products under the brand MEDSPEX. The branded special products offered considerable cost savings on the variable costs that the PCTs in the SHA were experiencing. The project was implemented with cooperation from the SHA/PCT management, practices and pharmacists resulting in £2,500,000 savings in 5 PCTs: Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Kirklees and Bradford & Airedale.

Critical Supply Success Story in Canada

One of MYMED’s key customers in Canada required a critical supply for a group of clinics which provide treatment for overactive bladder.

MYMED sourced and supplied the product and delivered it to Canada within 3 days. The products where not readily available in Canada due to local manufacturer delays.
As a result of dealing with this query swiftly and efficiently (for a critical need) – MYMED gained repeat long term business with this client as a credible and reliable source of supply.

Vitamin D – UK Direct Hospital Supply Success Story

MYMED have successfully commercialised a portfolio of high dose unlicensed Vitamin D products – Colecalciferol and Ergocalciferol (Pharmaceutical Grade).  Sourcing compliant product has been a longstanding issue in the NHS.
All presentations are available; liquid, solution, tablets and capsules. Supplied directly to NHS Hospitals across the country.

MYMED supply the full range direct to NHS Hospital Trusts ensuring a continuity of supply with guaranteed cost savings.


MYMED International Success Story – Switzerland

One of our clients based in Switzerland required an injectable PFS product indicated for the treatment of Osteoporosis in hospitals.
Our client was having difficulty making sufficient stock available with a long enough shelf life. The manufacturer had discontinued manufacturing product.

After exhausting all of their supply channel options, they contacted MYMED by referral.
MYMED successfully sourced, and supplied the stock in just 5 working days – ensuring a swift and efficient turnaround time.

This client has continued to order for the last 18 months – illustrating that MYMED are a reliable and consistent source.

Critical Supply Success Story in Malta

MYMED have been supplying a specialist pharmaceutical grade food supplement to Malta for paediatric patients suffering from Celiac Disease  (nil by mouth).

This vulnerable patient group rely heavily on MYMED as there are no suppliers of this specialist supplement in Malta.  MYMED have supplied directly to patients, on time since 2012 making a profound difference to these patient’s lives