Specials Products

High quality tariff, non tariff specials and named patient products supplied cost effectively


Since 2005 MYMED has been supplying Specials and Named Patient Products to NHS contractors and Hospital Trusts.

  • MYMED has access to over 15,000 Special product lines in various presentations and formulations.

  • Products are sourced from a panel of MHRA approved Specials Manufacturers.

  • Our highly experienced team of pharmacists and dispensing technicians work hand in hand with our logistics team to deliver product on time and within customer specification.

Specials Products

We supply tariff or non tariff special products in compliance with MHRA guidance and the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/1916).

Every product we supply includes:

Certificate of Analysis or Conformity      Stability data     Compliant labelling      Quality Control Assessment

Quality control for all extemporaneous Specials is maintained by utilising peer reviewed shelf life data for all products, through accessibility to in-house quality control laboratories, to confirm chemical stability and to extend shelf life.

In addition we provide the expertise of our qualified customer service team to assist healthcare professionals in dispensing or prescribing.
We supply hospitals, community pharmacists, dispensing practices in the United Kingdom.

Named Patient Supply

MYMED also import a portfolio of high quality Named Patient Products ensuring clinical needs are met for products unlicenced in the UK.
MYMED have global sourcing capacity through our network of suppliers Australia, USA, and Europe complying with  EU GMP, PICS and FDA standards.

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